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Professional Bags

When your equipment is secure,
your imagination is free to fly.

Valentina Dobos
Studio Photographer

Collection Overview

Assortment covers key bag types for the professional photographer, in a variety of sizes.

  • Backpacks All the gear you want, protected and with you all the time

  • Shoulder Bags More a mobile office than a bag, you can easily carry (and access) your gear and much more

  • Holsters Professional Holsters for carrying minimal gear, few accessories and essential documents

  • Roller Bags A trolley you could even entrust to a baggage handler without fear

  • Slings A sling swings round from backpack to easy-access front-carried bag, with easy access top flap

The Camera Protection System

The centre of a camera bag is its most vulnerable spot. Manfrotto’s CPS provides a thick layer of structured, shock-absorbing dividers around the core section that safely cushions the equipment you keep at heart of your Professional Bag.

  1. Brushed fabric for softer cushioning.
  2. 3D shock absorbing foam
  3. Structured reinforcement board.

Exo-Tough Construction

The outer face of Professional Bags have a rigid multi-layered construction that buffers the initial sharp impact shock, diffuses it by allowing it to spread across the surface and thus lessens the force that actually reaches the center of the bag.

  1. High performance fabric.
  2. Multi-layered shock absorbing foam.
  3. Brushed fabric for softer cushioning

Attention to Details and Design

The bag designs are as minimal and stylish as one  would expect from Manfrotto. Pocket positions, closures and sizes are all designed to meet the needs of pro photographers, with hard-wearing, rip-resistant fabrics used alongside easy-to-use oversized zips and durable metal fastenings.


Built to carry pro DSLRs, lenses, flash, a laptop, tripod and accessories, Manfrotto Professional Backpacks are designed to function as a work station on the ground while you're shooting.

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Shoulder Bags

More a mobile office than a bag, you can easily carry (and access) your camera, lenses, flash, accessories, your laptop or tablet, notebook, documents, keys, phone, pens, and more.

See Shoulder Bags In Action 

Roller Bags, Holsters and Slings

Manfrotto Professional Collection also includes Rollers, Holsters and Slings.

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