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Availability: SKU GT1531 (Out of Stock)

Replaces GT1530
Replaced by GT1532

Availability: SKU GT1531 (Out of Stock)

Replaces GT1530
Replaced by GT1532
ground level set

This new feature allows you to remove the centre column to save weight and get the camera closer to the ground. Uses existing components: the upper disc with reversible 1/4" - 3/8" bolt and the column hook assembly: Remove column and fix the disk directly to the upper casting using the column hook. No tools needed.

rapid column

The centre column locking collar above the tripod shoulder makes it easier to adjust the column quickly. Series 1 and above are built with an anti-rotation grooved centre column for improved stability.

reversible column

The rapid column can easily be inverted for an alternative shooting angle or low level macro work.


This built-in accessory allows you to hang a stabilizing weight (e.g. a full camera bag or a sand/water bag) from the bottom of the tripod centre column. Useful with long/heavy lenses, on uneven ground or in windy conditions.

power disc

The new tripod upper disc is called "Power Disc". It is made of machined solid aluminum and it now features two locking screws, one to lock the head, the other to safely lock the disc onto the column. The "Power Disc" gives a rock solid connection of the whole system for additional safety and stability.


We have introduced a new Anti Leg Rotation system, which means the tripod can be opened in less than 15 seconds. Simply loosen all the twist locks on each leg at the same time, then pull the leg down and tighten the locks individually.

3 positions leg angle

This feature allows you to position independently the tripod legs in three positions.



An excellent choice for MiniDV, compact digital cameras and DSLRs with 135mm lenses, up to a maximum of 200mm. Offers an excellent maximum load capacity and good torsion rigidity at a reduced weight. Available at standard height. Series 1 is the ideal solution for photographers on the move or when space and weight are key factors. All series 1 tripods (geared version excluded) now feature a new third ultra low leg spread for ultra low ground position to take full advantage of the Ground Level Set.

Additional Information

Weight 42.32 oz 1200 g
Material Carbon Fiber 6X Carbon Fiber 6X
Leg Sections 3 3
Closed Length 24.41 in 62 cm
Maximum Height 61.02 in 155 cm
Min Height 6.69 in 17 cm
Safety Payload Weight 17.64 lbs 8 kg
Maximum Height (with Center Column Down) 52.76 in 134 cm
Leg Angles performance - 24°, 55°, 80° performance - 24°, 55°, 80°
Bubble Spirit Level (No.) Rapid Rapid
Center Column rapid rapid
Top Attachment 1/4″ screw, 3/8″ screw 1/4″ screw, 3/8″ screw

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Five- Year Extended WarrantyThis product is covered by a two-year Limited Warranty and is eligible for a five-year Warranty Extension upon Online Product Registration.

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