Video Tripod Legs

Manfrotto Video Tripod Legs are core products in the Manfrotto range. Expertise, quality and continuous innovation make these products the most reliable companion for all videographers looking for better-than-ever camera stability.

Nothing will do as much to improve your videos as using a dedicated video tripod. Thanks to this stable support, you can perfectly follow your subject and obtain clear and smooth videos. The advantage of using a tripod is also its extreme versatility, which gives you the freedom of a portable studio at hand to capture the right horizon in any situation.

Manfrotto video tripod legs are compatible with all types of cameras and satisfy any kind of videographic style requirement. Wide ranges of video tripod legs support your ENG, interchangeable lenses camcorder or DSLRs with video capabilities. Sturdier and more versatile video tripods offer a stable base for super 35mm and high-end camcorders and, at the same time, they are perfect for ENG camcorders or full-scale setups with accessories.

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