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Manfrotto has its finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the imaging market. Its objective is always guaranteeing customers the best quality photography experience with every device they choose to use.
Recently, Manfrotto has focused considerable attention on both smartphones and action cameras, the two fastest-growing imaging devices on the market today. This growth has prompted the emergence of a completely new market segment, with many different accessories that are specifically dedicated to these new devices.
As a result, Manfrotto has developed a series of dedicated accessories that are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of its new customers. On the one hand, smartphone photographers and videographers want to obtain better pictures and videos with their phones thanks to compact and easy to use solutions that enhance smartphone camera performance. And on the other hand, action camera users who are typically extreme sportspeople, active photo enthusiasts and travelling hobbyist videographers wanting to capture their adventures on the go. These users are athletes, lovers of the great outdoors, adventurers looking to capture events like they’ve never been able to before and accurately share their sports experiences. They need something that’s sturdy, reliable, not bulky, easy and fast to use and helps them support their cameras during all the action.
Manfrotto has created a series of dedicated accessories for both smartphones and action cameras, offering users high quality, innovative solutions.

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  • Off road ThrilLED Light & Bracket for GoPro cameras
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    Technical specifications
    LuminousFlux 225 lumens 225 lumens
    Beam Angle 60 60
    Battery Life 35 minutes at max brightness 35 minutes at max brightness
    Top Attachment 1/4″ screw 1/4″ screw
    Powered by (batteries) Built in Lithium Built in Lithium

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