A place where professional image makers give an insight into their world, sharing amazing imagery, offering invaluable advice on camera and lighting techniques and even taking you behind the scenes on their shoots.

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2016-02-05 17:40:17

Eric Bouvet’s five golden rules

1. Respect the light.2. Respect the people you are...

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2016-02-03 17:39:10

Interview with Robert Herman

Photographer Robert Herman has a lot of experience...

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2016-02-02 21:28:30

Manfrotto Circular Polarising Filters

Who needs filters anymore? Surely in this digital ...

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2016-01-05 14:43:35

Bike & Hike with the Off road Hiker 30L Backpack

Prior to photography completely taking over my lif...

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2016-01-03 20:44:38

Off Road; 78° North in the Arctic Circle

Before heading off to Spitsbergen, an island which...

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2016-01-01 22:52:37

Traveling with my new backpack

If you travel a lot and have to carry a lot of equ...

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Every photographer has a story, every story has a companion. Manfrotto Bags blog tells the stories of photographers on their shooting assignments around the world, showing how their bags help them achieve the best results.

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Manfrotto Imagine More is the place for people who see photography as a way to express their passions through imagery. Let yourself be inspired by the stories of the most popular smartphone photographers, bloggers and Instagrammers around the world.

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2016-02-08 11:57:22

My Personal Experience as a Photographer

I have always loved photography, but I have never ...

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2016-02-08 09:37:32

How To Tell A story Through Images – part 2

Beautiful portraits and landscape images have thei...

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2016-02-05 15:39:21

Taking great photos on mountain hikes

Artistic photography takes time (scouting for shot...

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