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Steve Gosling presents: Floral Art – Creative flower & plant photography

From: 31/01/2013 To: 31/01/2013
Free Online Webinar

Join the Manfrotto School of Xcellence on Janaury 31st 2013 at 4-5pm GMT for a free webinar with award-winning landscape photographer Steve Gosling.
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As a former award winner in the "Flower Photographer of the Year" competition Steve Gosling is well placed to talk about creative flower and plant photography. In this webinar he will talk about how to move beyond a botanical record shot of plants and flowers to produce an image that concentrates primarily on shape, form, color, texture and pattern. His aim is to encourage and enable the production of fine art photographs that could happily grace the walls of any gallery.

In this webinar, Steve will cover the aesthetics of photography (composition and design) as well as describe a variety of creative techniques. He will also provide some practical hints and tips on the technical challenges faced by the flower & plant photographer.

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