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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


Pro Field Jacket man XL

Limited availability.*

Part # MA LFJ050M-XLBB

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This ultimate Pro Field Jacket features photographic working tools combined with comfort, convertibility, and a sleek design. This four season garment compliments the shooting experience, comfortably holds and supports camera gear and accessories and fits


black color


All Weather

This garment performs well in all types of temperatures and environments.


Special porous material which allows excellent airflow between the user and the outside.

Double Pocket for pocket tripods

Two unique integrated pockets perfect for fitting both sizes of Manfrotto pocket series tripods

Media Card Wallet

This simple, stylish and compact wallet is the perfect solution for storing and organizing a multitude of media cards.


Seam sealed and waterproof, this garment protects you from the all the moisture you may encounter.

Wind Resistant

This garments special coating allows it to simply brush aside any wind resistance.

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