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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

The perfect mini tripod for Compact System Cameras.

Play See the PIXI in action

Small is Beautiful

Versatile, lightweight and portable with gorgeous italian styling. PIXI sets the new standard for mini tripods. A support which is as beautiful as your pictures will be.

Create Extraordinary Effects

PIXI is a stable support that helps you achieve gorgeous images.

Take it Anywhere

PIXI is small and light enough to fit in any bag so it is always with you in every situation.

Never Miss a Moment

Capturing special moments of your life has never been so quick and effortless.

Push button
locking mechanism

Make your videos stand out

The PIXI isn’t just a one trick pony. Close the legs to use it as a comfortable grip to capture great videos that stand out from the crowd whether you’re at a rock concert or a party.

Expose Your Creativity

Long exposures look amazing, but you need a stable base. Thanks to PIXI, great effects like this are possible. You can transform an ordinary scene into something extraordinary.

Without PIXI With a PIXI

Be in the Picture

Taking pictures is awesome, but it’s even better when you can be a part of them. PIXI lets you free your hands and join your friends. So get out from behind the camera and be part of the story.

As Sharp as You Can Be

What looks sharp on a camera screen won’t always look so sharp on your computer. PIXI lets you squeeze the very best out of your camera, providing excellent stability for brilliantly sharp images whether it’s a portrait or a panorama.

Take it Anywhere

With its feather weight and tiny size, portablity is no longer a problem because PIXI will fit in almost any bag. The only difference you will notice is how much better your pictures will look.

Never Miss a Moment

Open the tripod, push the button, position the camera et… Voilà! You’re ready to go. Taking great pictures has never been so fast and easy.

One PIXI to
Rule them All

A mini tripod has never been so versatile. Thanks to its quality construction and universal attachment PIXI is compatible with most devices. From the iPhone® (with KLYP) to compact cameras, from Compact System Cameras to DSLR's.

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