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Manfrotto launches Top Lock Quick Release System

24/07/2013 — 

Manfrotto has launched of its new Top Lock Quick Release System, setting a new standard for ease of use, leveling capability, and portability with unique and practical features.

Its innovative design allows for fast and reliable changeovers in any environment. It gives professional photographers the assurance that their camera is supported at all times, letting them focus on the business at hand: capturing outstanding images.

Easier to use; a failsafe support
Top Lock’s clamp element allows the camera to be dropped in from above, which is easier than trying to align and slide it in from the side. It has a safety pin that stops the plate and camera from slipping out of the head, even if the QR lock is inadvertently left open.

Helps achieve straighter images and more accurate framing in-camera
Three independent bubbles help level the camera against all axes of rotation, ensuring the full frame is usable and also reducing time spent in post-production.

Lightweight and easy to carry
The System is made from light aluminium and stainless steel offering weight savings without any performance sacrifices.

Manfrotto’s new Top Lock Quick Release System is available as an adapter or in complete pro ball heads for professional photographers with Arca-style QR plates and systems.

Adapter / Plate only:

•    MSQ6 - Top Lock quick release adapter with plate (£84.95)
•    MSQ6PL - Top Lock quick release plate only (£20.95)

Heads featuring the Q6 Top Lock Quick Release System:

•    MH054M0-Q6  - 054 Magnesium Ball Head with Top Lock Quick Release (£209.95)
•    MH055M0-Q6  - 055 Magnesium Ball Head with Top Lock Quick Release (£229.95)
•    MH057M0-Q6  - 057 Magnesium Ball Head with Top Lock Quick Release (264.95)
•    468MGQ6 - Hydrostatic Ball Head with Top Lock Quick Release (£259.95)

For more information contact Manfrotto UK at Tel: 01530 566090 or email: info@manfrotto.co.uk