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Share your passion for better pictures - Manfrotto re-launches its blog!

26/02/2013 — 


Manfrotto has relaunched its Imagine More Blog at: www.manfrottoimaginemore.com

Manfrotto has re-launched its blog www.manfrottoimaginemore.com, a blog designed to captivate, engage and interact with photography enthusiasts.

The blog focuses on four key themes:

  • People: Bringing out your personality in the pictures you take, and understanding what your images say about you. Manfrotto has recruited a psychologist to analyse pictures sent in by users every week.
  • Experiences: This section is dedicated to show how people across the globe capture, preserve and share their everyday life moments.
  • Trending: This division aims to provide a guide on how to take pictures that will resonate with your audience.
  • How To: This page unearths the practical tips, apps, sites and secrets that help people share photos and other ‘social objects’ more widely.

UK local hero Jacob James is a young and talented travel photographer currently studying at Leeds University who will be sharing with you a series of 8 weekly articles covering in an informal way an Introduction to Photography – in this first in the series Jacob looks at Ten Top Tips to taking better images, whether that is with your camera phone, a basic compact or more advanced DSLR.

The Manfrotto Imagine More Blog gives birth to a new way of communication around photography, as well as embracing and exploring the closely related topics.

www.manfrottoimaginemore.com is linked to the Facebook and Twitter pages, proposing extra content, spot prizes and all the latest updates.

For more information, please visit: www.manfrottoimaginemore.com