The KLYP is an iPhone camera case that allows you to attach to a tripod for the perfect iPhone photos. The KLYP even allows you to attach LED lighting. iPhone Camera Case | KLYP by Manfrotto
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View the KLYP for the iPhone® 5 or iPhone® 4/4S

The new Manfrotto super-case for
iPhone® 5, enhanced by KLYPAPP - the innovative hands-free photo capture App.

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KLYP Makes Your Smartphone Even Smarter

A unique iPhone® 5 case to fulfill all your spontaneous photo-taking needs.
Create Beautiful Bright Images

Use the Manfrotto LED light with the KLYP case to improve the quality of your pictures in low light situations. Intensify the natural color of your photos skin tones and achieve vivid images.

Be Part of Your Pictures

Thanks to the KLYPAPP you can finally join your friends and be in the picture. To do this just simply clap your hands!

Don’t Blur Your Memories

Pair up your KLYP case with the Manfrotto PIXI mini tripod or any other camera support to achieve sharp, detailed and clearer pictures or videos.

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Create Brighter Images

The Manfrotto ML240 LED is a continuous soft light designed to improve the quality of your videos and pictures in low light situations. Test it yourself to see the difference. No more blank memories when lighted up by the Manfrotto LED light.

View Manfrotto LED Lights
Without LED With a Manfrotto LED
  • 220 Lux at 1m

Clap Your Hands, be in the Picture

How do you get in the picture without pressing any buttons? Download the free KLYPAPP, get in the picture and then clap your hands! After making some memories KLYPAPP can also help you share them through various social networks.

Download KLYPAPP
Download KLYPApp

Be Natural. Appear Natural.

The Manfrotto ML240 LED is the ideal light to give your portraits the most natural skin tone effect. Don’t let the color of your pictures vanish! Relive all your cherished moments through vivid and bright images just as if time has never passed!

  • 82% Colour Consistency
  • 5600°K Colour Temperature

Say Bye
to Red Eye

Thanks to the continous light of the Manfrotto LED your subjects eyes will adjust properly to the light just before the picture is taken. Avoid the vampire effect and let their natural eye color hypnotize your friends.


Rock Solid.
Sky High Creativity.

Connect your KLYP to any camera support thanks to the 1/4 thread adaptor. Pair it up with PIXI, the new Manfrotto mini tripod to shoot clear and crisp images, avoiding blurry pictures and shaking videos.

View PIXI Mini Tripod
Clear and Crisp Images
Be Part of the Picture

And you will see the results!



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