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Nano Camera Pouch for Point & Shoot
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Perfect for someone in need of something attractive and durable to transport their favorite shiny new camera.

Stylishly designed to hold a variety of compact cameras and offers compact carrying and quick, convenient access.

Table Top Tripod
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If you know someone who needs to improve their photos, but space is the real constraint, then the table tripod can help.

Stabilizing shots and reducing vibration, while occupying so little table space that it can be used quickly, then packed away in the smallest of bags, ideal for traveling.

LED Light - Mini-24 Continuous
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This LED light is perfect for someone who uses compact cameras and smartphones when additional light is needed for shooting video or stills. It can be hand held, mounted on a flash hotshoe or fitted to any number of Manfrotto supports via its standard ¼" thread.

It’s small stature and ultra-portability make it a useful pocket companion, often less harsh than an on-camera flash for photos and good for very low-light close-up video shots.

KLYP case for IPHONE 4/4S
Plus ML120 LED light

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Perfect for the individual who is looking to enhance close-up photos and videos.

But this special little combo also enhances the picture quality of videocalls, skype chats or hangouts by casting a flattering little light on you as you talk.

Pocket Support Large Black
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Great for those most important family moments when you don’t have a tripod and placing the camera on the mantle just won’t work.

This little nugget is a crowd pleaser mainly because it can be placed almost anywhere to capture that moment that may have been lost. Who knew such a small investment would make such a huge difference in enhancing your photos.

Anytime you need to hold your camera in a specific position, the three legs with no-slip rubber feet can be independently set on any surface to provide maximum stability and security.

Solo II Camera Holster for DSLR
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Sleek affordable option for the up and coming photographer.

The Solo II holster provides quick convenient access to your camera in style. The compact design holds your DSLR and attached 18-35mm or similar sized lens in quick grip position, readily accessible.