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Pro Air Jacket
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The Pro Air Jacket provides excellent instant protection from the elements while shooting. This waterproof jacket folds compactly into its own integrated pouch for you to carry with you at all times, ready to wear when needed.

190CX Carbon Fibre Q90 3-section Tripod
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A great gift for the professional photographer who is looking for a combination of ease of use and superb ergonomics.

The 3-section 190CXPRO3 is extremely lightweight and has great rigidity, combined with professional features such as the patented Q90° centre column system for quick vertical-horizontal movements, an integrated leveling bubble on the magnesium top plate, 100% carbon fibre tubes (including the centre column) and magnesium die castings.

Agile VII Sling Camera Bag for DSLR
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The Agile V Sling is the perfect bag for on-the-go shooters. Designed to always get you to the perfect shot with all your gear, it fits a DSLR with up to 24-120 mm lens attached plus 2-3 extra lenses.

This bag will provide quick draw whenever called for by simply swinging from back to front.

294 Carbon Fiber Kit, Tripod 3 sections
with 3 Way Head QR

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If you know of someone who is looking for a solid Carbon Fiber Kit, this is the one.

The 294 tripod is built to be transportable without compromising on stability. To achieve this, it uses a "next-generation" carbon tubing: an innovative composite tube derived from Manfrotto’s experience in professional supports with optimized fibre angles that provide consistent advantages over aluminium tubing in terms of rigidity, lightness and stability.

Unica III Messenger Camera Bag for DSLR
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One amazing bag for the all around photographer!

The Unica III messenger is the perfect everyday companion for carrying your camera gear, laptop and personal gear. Gain quick access to your DSLR with lens attached,up to a 12.1" Laptop,(13" Apple) and personal effects in the upper compartment by using the top opening.

Compact Series Tripod
with Built-in Photo Head

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This kit is for the friend or family member who is aspiring to become a quality photographer but is just getting started.

The Compact Series was designed to be an ideal first tripod: easy to use; quick to attach, detach, extend and fold; ultra-portable when closed yet practical and tall when open, they're among the most compact full-size tripods available; strong and secure enough to support anything from small point-and-shoots and compact camcorders up to entry-level DSLRs with kit lenses. iPhones and other cameraphones can be supported too (check your camera has a tripod thread on the underside, or that you have a tripod thread adaptor for your phone).