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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


The Manfrotto STILE Bag Collection started with a great story, the story of the incredible 21st century digital revolution – the social media revolution.This new lifestyle made us seek more ways to share our imagination in the easiest, most fashionable way. And so – the STILE collection (Italian for style) is the item of choice for the social media era.

Stile Backpacks

Stile backpacks have been designed for comfortable carrying of daily stuff together with photographic gear, with an emphasis on style. Now you can carry your gear well balanced on your back, while boasting uniqueness and urban chic.

Stile Shoulder Bags

Stile shoulder bags and messenger bags combine comfort, ease of use and style. They are designed with flair, and enable you to carry and organize your personal and photographic gear while maintaining a low profile in urban crowds.

Stile Holsters

Stile holsters are designed to carry your camera ready at your side at all times, while stylishly blending in to the urban landscape. Their design lets you access your camera and additional accessories quickly and with ease.

Stile Slings

Stile slings give you all of the comfort of a light backpack, combined with sleek design and the ease of access to your camera and gear on the go. Keeps all your belongings easily packed using versatile dividers.

Stile Pouches

Stile pouches are basic yet stylish carrying options for small point & shoot cameras.