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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


The head is the component that really gives you control over your camera or videocamera, so it's worth choosing carefully. Your first choice is between heads designed for photographic use (such as three-way, geared, ball or pano heads) and heads for video (pan and tilt or fluid heads). Video heads are also popular among wildlife photographers, sport optics users and sports photographers using long telephoto lenses. Pick a head first if the factors that will determine your choice of support system are versatility or application-specific design, speed in use or precision. Once you've found the ideal head, look for the tripod to match.

Classic Ball Heads

Ball heads are the most popular heads in the range, useful for all required situations especially frequently setting the camera position and taking multiple, different shots from different angles. The main advantages of these heads are multi angle versatile...

Tilt Heads

Simple tilt heads to allow a camera to be turned 90° to provide either vertical or horizontal format.