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Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


With the LINO Apparel Collection Manfrotto is blazing a new trail in the photographic world with the introduction of the first ever full apparel line dedicated to professional photographers. For the first time both male and female photographers will find that it is possible to look great and still enjoy functional work wear that enhances the working experience.


Manfrotto's Pro Photo Jackets combine efficiency with style and design. While keeping you protected jackets accommodates the functionality needed for shooting.


Manfrotto's Pro Photo Vests are designed with style to match a variety of classic fashionable daily looks. The dedicated photographic features are sophisticatedly incorporated in the vest to remain discreet when not shooting.


Manfrotto's Pro Photo Gloves are Italian crafted leather masterpieces which will serve you faithfully for a lifetime of harsh winters even if not always used when shooting.


Manfrotto Pro Photo Ponchos


Manfrotto Pro Photo Hats complement the key apparel items in the collection, offers matching style, straightforward protection and camera related work-enhancing details.