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Take a 'photo walk' on the wild side with Manfrotto local hero Michael Freeman

06/09/2012 — 

Have you ever planned the trip of a lifetime, but wished someone would point you to the most photogenic places along the way?

Manfrotto School of Xcellence asked one of its iconic mentors, documentary travel photographer Michael Freeman, to help it put together a guide for fellow phototravellers: a list of fascinating places and scenic spots suggested by Michael, and drawn from his own personal experience of photographing the world's most amazing locations.

From Shanghai to Cartagena, from New York City to London… the MSoX wants this site to become a valuable collection of brief guides for fantastic photowalking.

They are publishing Michael's recommendations weekly, with each post accompanied by a handy map of the places you mustn't miss... and some photographic inspiration to tempt you to book your flight now!

Check out Michael's unique take on Tuscany, Bali, Salzburg and Angkor - for full details of Michael's amazing free photo walk guide visit the Manfrotto School of Xcellence.