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3-way photo head with compact foldable handles (290 series)

3-way photo head with compact foldable handles (290 series)
3-way photo head with compact foldable handles (290 series)

Part # MH293D3-Q2
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GBP£ 59.95


A three-way photo head specifically designed to maximize compactness and transportability, while also allowing accurate, precise framing and solid support of medium-heavy camera equipment.

A unique mechanism allows the handles to be 'folded' when the head is not in use. With the handles folded and running parallel, the head's dimensions are dramatically reduced, so it takes up less space when packed, and is easier and less cumbersome to carry.

The body is made from Adapto, a special lightweight polymer which cuts down the weight of the head, yet offers high mechanical resistance for sturdy support. The head has three levelling bubbles (on for each axis of rotation) which make it easier and faster to get straight, well-framed images in-camera, thereby saving time in post-production.

The head's quick release system allows the camera to be attached (or detached) safely in a second, so you're always ready to shoot.
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  • attachment number 1/4 attachment type 1/4 attachment type
    bubble spirit level (no.) 3 number 3 number
    Color black color black color
    front tilt +90° / -30° tilt range +90° / -30° tilt range
    lateral tilt +90° / -30° tilt range +90° / -30° tilt range
    material technopolymer technopolymer
    maximum working temperature 140 °F 60 °C
    minimum working temperature -4 °F -20 °C
    panoramic rotation 360 ° 360 °
    patent pat. pending pat. pending
    plate type 200PL-14 200PL-14
    safety payload 8.82 lbs 4 kg
    Weight 1.26 lbs 0.570 kg
    working height 3.54 in 9 cm