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Step up your passion for photography!

The 290 range of compact, reliable tripods is designed to accompany passionate new photographers keen to improve and progress.

All the models in the 290 family are inspired by Manfrotto’s long experience making professional tripods, and provide an ideal, versatile match of the things you need now and the advanced features you'll appreciate more and more as your experience grows. The 290 series is suitable for most cameras up to DLSRs.


  • 290 tripods help you improve your photos as you progress, and won't limit you to a specific style of photography
  • The 290 range offers you high performance support and professional features, in a tripod that's intuitive and easy to use
  • 290s are light to carry and small to store
  • 290s are with you for the journey as your photography improves and you need more from your support: versatile and upgradeable, with interchangeable heads and full compatibility with the extended Manfrotto range of professional equipment, accessories and bags
  • Durable and reliable, even under prolonged heavy use: professional-grade adjustable aluminium leg locks and solid cast aluminium components
  • Every shot is shake-free, no matter how the tripod is set up: even when the centre column is fully raised, its three-faceted rotation-resistant tubing means that the camera stays still and shots are crisp and sharp
  • Intuitive, easy and safe to use: ergonomic controls eliminate fumbling, while features like the special anti-shock collar (not applicable to monopods) protect your gear against accidental damage.

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How 290 series improves your photos and video.
Go beyond low light

Take stunning photographs at dawn or at dusk when lights sparkle against the brilliant tones of the sky; get tack-sharp results, test your settings and frame the perfect image with a 290.

Go beyond the usual static image

Mix static and moving elements creatively to give your photos drama and narrative - thanks to solid support from your 290, shake-free longer exposures are easy.

Go beyond the single shot

Capture beauty as your own eyes see it - a 290 lets you create scene-stealing multi-exposure HDRs, bracket light and white balance for subtly poetic images, or align sequenced shots for sweeping panoramas.

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